Our Story

Sure, we’re leading the pack today. But when we launched in [YEAR] the company wasn’t much more than a laptop and a kitchen table—really.

When we landed our first client and knew it wasn’t just about delivering, We knew we needed to deliver the best content possible—content that would catapult their business (and our business) ahead.

And so we did.

Fast forward six months and Ghost Ink was picking up some serious steam in our local market. We were writing everything from educational guides to ebooks to blog posts. A few months after that we brought on our first few writers and content experts. The rest is history.

Two years later we were here—we were the content go-to for hundreds of industry-leading clients around the world. And that’s a great place to be.

But we aren’t slowing down—not for a second. Our client-first commitment keeps us endlessly focused on evolution, industry trends and the marketplace shifts—all critical details that impact you and your business.

For us, though, it’s so much bigger than that. We know anyone with a computer and a couple of minutes can slap together a website or a blog post. And that’s why we’re constantly pushing to unpack, reimagine and reframe the copywriting conversation—because it’s so much more than words. We want our clients and t heir clients to feel that spark the second they start reading—a spark that inspires them to take action.

Copywriting isn’t what it used to be. Today, you’re balancing the demand for greater content velocity with sky high customer expectations. You’ve got to deliver more, better content even faster than you did the day before—and it has to be spot-on relevant to the customer. It’s a tall order but one we thrive on. We understand the game and we know the players. All that’s left is to connect your vision with our passion and process.

Let’s do this.